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Tyrone TYler

Tyrone Tyler - Like I Never Knew Ya


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Tyrone Tyler is an American singer, songwriter, actor and model born in Detroit, Michigan. He started singing as a young kid for his grade school choir and school functions. He decided to pursue his dreams further and started recording music. This led him to perform in major theatre’s and embark on a school tour across Michigan to help kids better their grades. He later moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dreams further and since, Tyrone has performed at some of L.A.’s elite venue’s as a headliner, including his own sold out live Christmas show that he Co-Produced titled Tyrone Tyler & Alisha Mona’ Presents: A Not-So Silent Night. He has performed a residency with Disney, being featured in the Festival of Holidays in 2017, as a part on an ensemble. He’s lended  background vocals to some of the world’s biggest stars, the Coachella stage with OVO Sound recording artist DVSN, to music videos for some of Pop music’s giants (Mark Ronson, Yebba). Tyrone has walked the runway for the 2019  H.A.P. Awards, Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards, modeling for the continent’s top promising designers. Tyrone also has an improv role in the web series Guide 2 Hollywood. He has released music digitally worldwide which can be found on all major streaming platforms such as, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, and many more. His Latest single “Like I Never Knew Ya” is his most personal yet. He states, “It’s the first time I wrote something that was directly from my life. As a gay black man I use to be really scared to write about the things I was feeling because I didn’t know anyone like me. It wasn’t really acceptable to be gay. Now that I’m older I really don’t care anymore and I just want to make music I love. I’m not for everybody and that’s ok.” With a new sense of self acceptance and a history of accomplishments, this entertainer is ready to carve his own path in the industry.

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